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Can I join MyApache if I am not logged in?

No, you cannot. Only registered users can participate. Please click here

If am already logged in www.apache.ie, am I already part of MyApache loyalty program?

No, you are not. You will only be a member of MyApache if you are logged in and if you have accepted to receive our commercial communications and personalized offers.

Is it necessary to accept all the Terms & Conditions to get coins?

Yes, it is.

What happens if I cancel my acceptance to the Term & Conditions?

If you cancel it, your account will be frozen. No new coins will be earned and you won’t be able to spend the Apache coins until to rejoin the program.

How many coins do I get with my order?

You will be able to get from 1 to 5 coins, depending on the value of your order:

Order value Coins
0-10€ 0
>10-29,9€ 1
>30-39,9€ 2
>40-49,9€ 3
>50-59,9€ 4
>60€ 5

If I order twice on the same day, do I accumulate all the coins?

Yes, you do. It will depend on the order value of every order.

Yes, you do. It will depend on the order value of every order. Is there a minimum order value to receive coins?

Yes, your order needs to be equal to or higher than £10.

If I order by phone or directly in the store, can I get coins?

No, you can’t. It’s necessary to order through our website or app to get coins.

Can I lose my coins?

Only if your order has been canceled, modified, or doesn’t meet the loyalty program requirements.

Do my coins expire?

Yes, they do. They expire after 2 years.

Are there different levels?

Yes, there are three: gold, silver, and bronze, which will have different offers or advantages depending on the level.

How do I belong to each level?

The levels you belong to will depend on the number of coins you have accumulated:

  • Gold: You must have gotten 10 or more coins in the last 6 months.
  • Silver: You must have gotten from 5 to 9 coins in the last 6 months.
  • Bronze: You must have gotten from 0 to 4 coins in the last 6 months.

Can I level up or down?

Yes, the number of coins you have gotten in the last 6 months.

Why I cannot access all the promotions?

Depending on the level you belong to, you will be able to access some promotions or others. The higher your level is, the more promotions you can access.

Can I check my coins? Where?

You can check your coins on the same place you spend them www.apache.ie/loyalty

Why I don’t have my coins available from the order I have just made?

We need to check your order and it usually takes 24h. After that time, you will see your updated coins.

Do I have to order more products to redeem my promotions or special offers?

You still have to reach the minimum order value set by the store to place an order.

To redeem my promotion or special offer, do I have to access with my registered account?

Yes, you do.